The Old Rectory


I started hangliding in California back in 1977, and paragliding in the middle nineties. I have flown some fantastic sites, but not many better than those we have right here in Kärnten. The starting places are usually smooth rolling grassy fields with open valleys below. Thermals are fantastic most of the summer and a few cross country flights are a must. We can always organize a retrieve. Emberger Alm is a well know european flying center and gets busy at times, but we also have plenty of unknown sites far away from the crowds. A good friend of mine runs a local school FlyCarinthia where equipment can be rented, tandem flights and lessons can be booked. I am off flying when ever I can and you would be more than welcome to come along. We are also close enough to fly in Italy and Slovenia on one of our day trips. Below a former client and I fly from Tschiernock, our local mountain on a smooth easy ride to the landing area and a cold beer ! (or warm if you are English)


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