Our favourite local river for kayaking, starts it's journey at 3.076 meters high in the Tauern mountains about 50 kms from the town of Spittal on the Drau.The run starts on route 99 about .5 kms south of the medieval town of Gmünd.The river Lieser runs down a narrow valley deep below the elevated A10 motorway. At the beginning of summer the difficulty is fairly low but is of course dependent on the amount of rain fall or ice melting in the mountains.


The first 10,5 km after the Gmünd start the Lieser offers a wide variety of challenges. Along the whole course of the river the current can sometimes become difficult depending on the amount of water. The trip usually ends just past the bridge in Seeboden. The Lieser is well known for Kayaking throughout Europe. Overall the trip down the river Lieser offers a pleasant experience for novices and more accomplished Kayakers. Our house is conveniently situated about 10 minutes from the start in Gmünd and the end in Seeboden. The Lieser passes just below us heading towards Spittal.


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